It's not cheap, but this baby is worth it - especially if you're dealing with larger spaces. This isn't even the best looking Friedrich, but it works brilliantly. And, apparently, you're not going to get a slick portable air conditioner this year. If you do want the best of the best (and a few more features too), this is the one.


This Friedrich unit operates at 13,500 BTU and can cover quite a large space - about 700 square feet. That certainly helps with those early open plan designs. It works with dual exhaust hoses and has a 24-hour timer. But this baby is more than just an air conditioner. It's also a dehumidifier, a fan and, yes, a heater too (with 10,700 BTU on this function).  And the window kit can handle both vertical and horizontal window openings for the exhaust (and a LOT of other units can't). Plus, there's no bucket to empty. If you can fit it in your budget, you should order it today.

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