You didn't want to be a camp counsellor in the 1980s. And Jason was the reason behind that.

  • Starring: Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King
  • Available to stream on Amazon
  • Led the way to mainstream slasher flix

This movie was never expected to do well, let alone become a cult classic. But there it is, Jason scared a whole bunch of people and now it's like a rite of passage. Here are the lessons most people took from the first slasher movie of its kind and calibre: don't be a camp counsellor, always check the top bunk before having sex on the lower one, and just because it's daylight... that doesn't mean you're safe. 

What Reviewers Say:

  • I don't waste too much time mincing words about such matters-to me, this is a great movie. Not just a great slasher film, but a great film, by ANY standards. And it continues to grow on me. By now, I've seen it around 100 times, but I continue to like it better over time.
  • The passage of time has seen it take its place in the pantheon of really scary horror films and deservedly so. If you have not yet seen this film, then give it a go. Enjoy and be prepared to be scared.
  • The ending is one of those great surprises in film. If you didn't gasp or scream the first time you saw it, you're lying.
    No horror fan should miss this. The sequels however, particularly after the 3rd one, can be thrown in the trash and burned. Ugh.
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