FRESH Soy Face Cleanser

Best Overall Face Wash

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Why people love it
  • Gentle yet effective at removing all dirt and makeup
  • Doesn't strip your skin
  • Safe for even the most sensitive skin

A bestselling, do-it-all cleanser for all skin types that instantly removes makeup and dirt without drying the skin. Formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Doesn't have much of a fragrance, which some may not like. 


Who's it for? This gentle face wash is ideal for all ages and skin types, including those with normal skin, sensitive, or acne prone complexions. It can be used daily, morning and night (even around the eyes).

Texture and fragrance: The FRESH Soy Cleanser has a milky-gel consistency that is extremely smooth and gentle. So you won't feel dry after you wash your face.

Another reason we love this cleanser is that it's fragrance-free and smells really fresh. The only thing you'll smell is a hint of cucumber (which comes from cucumber extract). 

Ingredients: You'll be happy to know that most of the ingredients found in this wash are safe and gentle. The Amino Acid Soy Proteins support natural elasticity while the calming cucumber extract sooths irritated skin.

Other active ingredients include a mixture of nourishing oils (including soybean, sunflower, and boarage seed) which help soften, soothe, and rejuvenate your skin. One ingredient we were happy to find on this list was rosewater. Not only do roses smell amazing but they're also great for calming irritated skin.

Price: The FRESH Soy Cleanser is a little on the expensive side, but one 5.1 ounce bottle will last you six months (using it twice a day). As a bonus, FRESH also sells a mini (1.7 ounces) for only $15, so you can try it out before you invest in the larger bottle. 

And, if you love this brand as much as we do, the line also has some great face masks. 

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