It's not about hiding your face. It's about showing pride for your team... and going all out when you do (without going shirtless).

  • Most NFL teams available
  • PVC mask with elastic headband
  • National Football League licensed product

The great thing about this mask is that it doubles as the best Halloween costume EVER. Okay, we know, you'll probably do something different. After all, you're the biggest fan all year round and Halloween is an excuse to be someone else (though you'll never pretend to favor another team... ever). The best thing though? You don't have to deal with nasty face paint or take your shirt off to show how much you care.

What Reviewers Say:

With a surprisingly high Amazon review score for plastic, you can bet people have good things to say about this.

  • The mask is a great buy for a true fan. Its got an aggressive look, sharp colors, and feels durable. The detail is pretty impressive for the price. The logo on mine does appear to have a few tiny bubbles or creases in it but you only notice it when holding up close and not from a distance and its not really a big deal at all. If you have a larger face like I do then I say it won't fit as comfortably as you'd like but its still perfect just to throw on for a few laughs and looks on gameday.
  • I had ordered this mask, then promptly forgot about, then it arrived after I returned from a Christmas trip Home, When I opened the box, I scared myself. I have started bringing it with me to sporting events here in the Middle east, whether its american football, or soccer , or tennis. It is lots of fun seeing the disturbed looks of everyone else around me, several friends have decided to buy one as well, just to add to the effect.
  • Nice wall hanger. Great for a man cave.

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