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  • Very well made
  • Keep your kids’ feet warm and dry
  • Comfortable, cushioned construction

Whatever winter weather activity your kids like to do—skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or just running around in the snow—you’ve got to make sure their feet stay warm and dry and don’t get in their way. Of all the kids socks I’ve seen, these are the best ones to do that.

Some reviewers have complained about the thickness on these socks, so it’s important to buy these at the same time as you buy your kids’ boots.


Thickness: These may be a little too thick—bordering on uncomfortable—if your kids’ feet are snug within their boots to begin with. While you don’t want boots that are too loose or big, you’ll want some extra space not only for these socks but for your kids to grow into them.

Warming: Made from Merino wool, your kids’ feet are sure to stay warm inside these socks.

Drying: The wool pulls double duty here and also wicks away moisture to help your kids’ feet stay dry as they play in the snow.

Comfort: As long as you’ve got the right sock and boot combo, there shouldn’t be any issue with comfort while wearing these socks. They’re warm, soft, and meant to keep your kids feet from getting blisters.

Padding: The manufacturer’s description of the sock includes a note about the full cushion that helps absorb shocks. Reviewers have yet to dispute this claim.

Price: These are definitely on the pricier side of kid’s socks. I’d suggest investing in these if your kid is done growing or if you’ve got others you can hand these down to.

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