Why people love it
  • Non-bulky sock fits well against the calf, leg, and foot
  • Good amount of cushioning to prevent chafe
  • Great insulation
Drawbacks, not dealbreakers

Because it’s cheaper, this sock may not be as durable as comparable ski socks. Otherwise, reviewers don’t have anything negative to say about this.


Thickness: The Fox River Boyne sock provides the perfect balance between thick and thin.

Warming: These socks are made with an almost equal blend of Nylon, Merino wool, and Polyester, which ensures you’ll have a really good amount of insulation to keep your feet and legs warm.

Drying: There aren’t too many comments related to the drying capabilities of this sock. But, since no one’s complaining and Outdoor Gear Lab says this sock performed consistently well across the board, this isn’t something you should worry about.

Comfort: Reviewers say that there’s no chafing, no itching, and no cold feet with these socks. Sounds comfortable to us!

Padding: There’s a good amount of padding in this sock—especially on the shin.

Price: These are a super affordable option for women that want a sock that performs well and keeps them warm.

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