Neolite Double Camping Hammock

Best Backpacking Hammock

Why people love it

  • Extra-wide camping hammock 
  • Super soft and comfortable nylon 
  • Strong and durable


Be careful with the carabiners that come with this camping hammock. Some customers have said that they’re sharp and could potentially rip your hammock if you don’t take care. Also, the straps are a bit on the shorter side, so unless you know you’ll be setting up shop between two closely spaced trees, you may need to buy longer straps.


Strength: Customers and experts alike agree that the woven nylon fabric and heavy-duty triple stitching make the Neolite Double a camping hammock to reckon with. In addition to being super durable, it also provides a supportive base to lie on. 

Capacity: This one is wider than most double camping hammocks, though it does still only hold up to about 400 pounds. So we suggest this hammock if you’ve got two smaller people, who don’t want to feel like they’re lying on top of each other, or one larger person, who wants to spread out. 

Use: If you’re planning to take a backpacking trip, this camping hammock gets my vote. Really, this hammock would be good for any situation where you plan to do walking or hiking and you want to bring a hammock along. 

Price: This one’s priced similarly to the ENO DoubleNest and we’d say it’s about on par with the level of quality too, so it really comes down to a matter of taste.

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