Why people love it
  • Great gift for wine enthusiasts
  • Aerates wine exceptionally well
  • A little more than fun to use

Aerate your wine in the glass with this super clever design; you get the most aeration possible in a direct pour. Additionally, you can expect an enhanced flavor whether you prefer red or white wine. 

These aren't exactly cheap (though they probably won't break the bank), and you'll want to buy more than two - just in case one breaks. 


Aerating wine glasses permit your favorite red (or white) wine to aerate (or "breathe") without a third-party device, and without a drippy mess. Simply uncork your bottle and pour wine into the center compartment. Wine flows out of tiny holes in the compartment like a fountain, making maximum contact with the air and allowing the flavor and aroma to blossom. 

Quality and Materials: These glasses are hand-blown and hand-assembled, plus they're made from high-quality borosilicate glass (known for its durability and clarity).

Dishwasher Safe: Yep! And that's a real bonus. If you don't have a dishwasher, you'll want to allow these to soak for quite awhile as they're not the easiest to clean. 

Price: You'll pay around $55 for a pair of glasses, though the MSRP is closer to $70. That makes each glass roughly $28, which isn't cheap. But here, you are paying for quality. And, as long as you look after them - they'll last for years. 

Why Buy These Glasses? Anyone that truly enjoys wine will enjoy these glasses for their complexity and gorgeous styling. And, yet, you'll buy them because the aeration properties really do make wine taste better. A hands down winner for sommeliers and aficionados. 

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