Why people love it
  • A super comfortable, super warm onesie that's ideal for lounging
  • Easy access for bathroom trips
  • Stay toasty and cozy all winter long

While a fun (and handy) feature, the zipper on the drop seat is irritating while seated.


Style: The "bro-friendly" style means it's large and loose enough for lounging, with patterns/designs that guys will love. From beer mugs to funny monkeys to rocket ships to tie-dyed to U.S. flag to skull and bones, you'll be able to find the design that matches your style. Or, opt for a solid color (blue, white, red, black etc.) for a simpler fashion statement.

The footed onesies are unisex, and come in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. The deep side pockets allow you to store your phone, car keys, and other knick knacks while lounging. Thanks to the rear zipper drop seat and the double-pull, dual-open front zipper, you'll never have problems getting to the bathroom in a hurry.

Material: The onesie is made of 100% polyester fleece, so it will be warm—in fact, some users insist that they overheat because of how insulated this onesie is. If you're the kind of guy who runs hot, you may need to turn down the heater a few degrees when in this onesie.

The fabric is pill-resistant, and the colors won't run or fade with regular washing. The material won't sag with use, but it will be a good-looking onesie for years to come.

Price: Starting at $40, this is a bit higher in price than you'd expect, but a great option for guys who want something to match their style. Plus, it's AMAZINGLY warm, so you can save a bit on your winter electric bill.

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