If you're in the market for a kitchen scale, there's no reason for you to overlook this one. After all, it's got everything you need at a terrific price.

  • 100% lifetime guarantee
  • Weighs up to 12 pounds ar a time
  • Lightweight

A scale will make your kitchen a different world to work in. And, you want that - especially if you enjoy entertaining. This one has a lot of features - and an incredible review score on Amazon too.

What Reviewers Say:

You'll want to read these reviews.

  • Conveniently sized to just live on the counter. I own several kitchen scales that we regularly use for baking, cooking, portion sizing and shipping and this is by far the smallest one I've yet to acquire.
  • Great little kitchen scale. I've been looking for one for quite some time and was unsure of what to go with. I like that this is black, it shows less mess. Has a great blue LCD light and options for how you want to weigh. When you turn it on it is grams but super each to change. I would highly recommend this item is anyone looking for a kitchen scale. Simple on off button. I also appreciated that it came with batteries. Overall a really great item. 
  • I have used a lot of digital scales and this is by far the best one i've ever used. It's very advanced and it weighs everything precisely. It features a tempered glass weighing platform finished in a very stylish reflective black. It's very light weight and easy to clean and store.

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