Follow Me Bring Beer Sandals

Best Novelty Mens Sandals

Why people love it
  • Makes the perfect birthday or Christmas present
  • Unique and funny, without sacrificing comfort
  • Sizes fit as expected

Leave a funny message in the sand, built with durable rubber, comfortable design, well-sized, and not too pricey.

Only leaves a message in very firm sand and wording wears off after lots of use on concrete.


Performance: If you want a gift for the guy who has everything, this is just what you're looking for! The sandals leave a funny message in the sand ("Follow Me. Bring Beer") with every step he takes. It's great for a laugh, and a fun conversation starter.

The good thing about these shoes is that they're comfortable as well as funny. They're basic flip flops with very few frills (no arch support), but they do have a durable upper that can handle a lot of wear and tear. They don't have a long break-in period, and they'll conform to the shape of your shoes. Be warned: if you use them a lot on concrete and hard surfaces, you'll wear down the wording. Use them only on the beach to keep the funny message intact.

Note: To leave a message, you have to walk on very firm sand.

Price: At $25, these are a slightly pricey pair of sandals for what you get, but a funny gag gift that he can't help but love. Totally worth it to see that smile on his face when he opens his Christmas or birthday present.

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