Best Christmas Gift for Adrenaline Junkies

Flying Lessons
  • You get to fly a bloody plane!
  • Learn to fly; try your hand at being a fighter pilot in real planes
  • Amazing experience
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Learn to fly and become a fighter pilot or hot air balloonist. This is a once in a lifetime experience and will allow you to experience the intense rush of adrenaline that comes from flying.

Pricey; not great for people with a fear of heights.


The Details: If he's a daredevil, this is the perfect gift for him! Instead of things, get him an unforgettable experience: the chance to fly a real-life aircraft and take on fighter pilot missions. He can spend a day whirling around in the skies, learning the secrets of aerial combat and maneuvers from an experienced pilot. There's even laser "ammunition" so he can engage in a proper dogfight while up in the air.

This is a truly marvelous experience for the guy who has everything, as it's a way for him to experience the rush of adrenaline that can only come from being thousands of feet over the ground in an airplane. But one HE'S in control of!

Price: The cost of the flight experience will vary from city to city, but suffice it to say it is SO worth it to give him the chance to literally stretch his wings and fly.


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