Flux Bluetooth LED Light Bulb

Most Energy Efficient Smart Light

Why people love it
  • Easy to setup and even easier to operate
  • Clever, wonderful features
  • Great fun to use

You get a whole lot of control with these bulbs. Not only can you control the timing and activate the lights from your phone, you can actually design entire moods, play music from your phone to enjoy a light show, or even share custom color transitions with other users.

Some users report issues connecting the bulbs to the app. And, the bulb itself is much larger than you would expect.


This LED light bulb is designed to be connected via Bluetooth to your Android and iDevices, making it easy for you to control the lighting. The lighting can be personalized thanks to the color palette – featuring more than 16 million colors – and you get about 20,000 hours out of the bulb.

You'll have the ability to control one or a group of lights simultaneously. And, you can add 50 lights to your app – that's more than most users can imagine. Best of all, it can be synced to change color in time with music, and you can even set a timer for when you want each light to turn on.

What systems does it connect to? Thanks to its Bluetooth connection, these bad boys work with iPhones, iPads, Apple watches, Android phones, and tablets. Basically, if you have a smartphone, it should be compatible with these lights. 

How does it connect? You’ll connect the bulbs to your phone or tablet via Flux Bluetooth. You don’t need any additional hubs or controllers to make this system work. Now, that makes it rather marvelous, don’t you think?

What colors are available? You get an amazing 16 million colors including cool and warm white. Let’s just put it out there that no one has time to count all those options. While that isn’t a drawback, we know that most people will find their faves and leave it at that. Still, you’ll have plenty of fun setting the scene at holiday time (or giving someone else the task of doing so).

Lumens? Expect 550 lumens. That’s roughly average. It’s bright enough to chop veggies under, and you still have the option of dimming each and every bulb.

Watts or watts equivalent? These seven-watt bulbs are equivalent to 40-watt bulbs (maybe just a bit more). Again, that’s straight down the middle in terms of common options available on the market. There are ten-watt bulbs available as well, though most users won’t need to bust out that much power with their mood lighting.

How long should a light bulb last? Bulbs last for approximately 20,000 hours. Now, that is on the low end for modern light bulbs (given that some last for many years), but it does mean you only need replacements every 27 months – if you leave the light on 24/7. For users that only need the lights in the evenings and on weekends, you can seldom expect to deal with replacements.

Cost for an individual bulb or fitting? You’ll pay about $30 per bulb. If you find it cheaper, then you really want to take advantage of that deal quickly.

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