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Florious Packing Cubes Value Set

Florious Packing Cubes Value Set
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These luggage organizers awesomely keep everything in order in any piece of luggage (from carry-ons to backpacks) and they come with a laundry bag to keep those smelly airplane socks well away from the clothes that need to stay fresh. Plus, it’s a totally eco-friendly choice; these packs are made from recycled soda bottles.

The material could potentially be thicker and hold their shape better, but you’ll find remarkably few people that have a complaint.

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Features: Believe it or not, even the wife that that loves to travel is a little tired of all the packing and unpacking, rushing to the airport, and trying desperately to find some rest in hotel bedrooms. It’s a mission. Couldn’t it all be easier? That’s certainly the premise behind these packing cubes.

The manufacturers went out of their way to consider the details of these bags. You get a set of packing cubes that keep clothes nicely separated from all the cables and wires we still haven’t gotten rid of in the modern world. And there’s a laundry bag that can handle everything worn, wrinkled, and cast aside after a long day of meetings.

Different color options are available, but more importantly, there’s a money-back guarantee and the cases are made from recycled materials.

Price: Then, there is the price. You’ll be able to give this to your wife along with anything else her heart desires. And if you’re really struggling for ideas, why not grab this four-port USB charger (because hotel options are never in the right place). Or, if your wife travels by car, this trunk organizer makes life ever so much easier.

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