Why people love it
  • A ladder built for strength and durability
  • Perfect for indoor tasks, cleaning, and chores
  • Sturdy, compact, and reliable ladder; great value!

Sturdy, reliable, user-friendly design, lightweight, industrial-rated construction, large standing platform, slim profile, easy to store and transport, stable, non-slip plastic feet, and great for indoor use.

Shorter than desired for outdoor use and wobbly if the floor is uneven.


Design: This classic step-ladder is as good as it gets, thanks to its durable steel hinges, lightweight aluminum frame, and solid, extra-large standing platform. The four steps are very well-built, with a grooved design that keeps your feet securely in place.

The ladder may be lightweight (14 pounds), but it's made with industrial-rated materials. Its slim profile makes it perfect for storing in your garage, basement, or even hall closet, and it's short enough to fit in most truck flatbeds if you want to take it to a job site. It's perfect for small spaces and shorter indoor heights, but sadly it's not tall enough for outdoor tasks.

Weight Limit: The ladder can hold up to 300 pounds, making it the best indoor ladder for heavier users on our list!

Safety: The non-slip rubber feet will keep the ladder firmly in place while you climb up. For those who need to get high, the standing platform at the top of the ladder gives you extra standing room for easy, comfortable movements.

The downside: if the ladder isn't on solid, even ground, it can be a bit wobbly. Otherwise, thanks to the railing at the top of the ladder, it's one of the safest on the market!

Price: At just under $75, this ladder falls on the cheaper side of the scale. It's worth every penny if you want a quality indoor ladder to use for all your chores, cleaning tasks, and fix-it jobs around the house.

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