Why people love it
  • Perfect chair for heavy sweaters and hot summers
  • Durable design; mesh backing is solid and comfortable
  • Good seat padding, improves posture and seating

The seat cover snags and tears too easily, and long-term use may wear down the padding quickly.


Details: If you want a lightweight, breathable office chair to get you through the hot summer months, you'll love this bad boy. Thanks to the mesh back, you can feel the fan or A/C on your back. The seat padding is also fully breathable, so your butt and legs won't get soaked in sweat. If you're the kind of person who runs hot, this is SO much better than a leather chair (even during the winter).

The chair is easy to assemble, with clear instructions that will walk you through the process simply. It feels solid and durable, and can handle heavier users without trouble. It's not designed for the very tall (over 6'3"), but the average person will find it's the perfect-sized chair.

Features: The chair comes with the standard office chair features: caster wheels that roll nice and smoothly, padded arm rests you can adjust to your desired height, and a tilt feature that allows you to lean back. Heavier users may find the tilting will wear on the locking mechanism, and more than a few users commented that that was where the chair broke. However, you'll find you can lean back without going too far or feeling like you're about to fall.

The curvature of the seat back will encourage better posture and offer sufficient spinal support. The seat padding is comfortable, but you may find that it gets a bit thin after long hours of sitting.

Price: At $77, this is one of the best desk chair options in terms of price on our list. It's comfortable, perfect for summer use, and will keep your back happy as you sit and work. Definitely an office chair worth considering!

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