Best Heated Socks for Athletes

Flambeau Heated Socks
  • Heating element is literally woven into the socks
  • A medium-weight, durable pair of sports socks
  • Comfortable, reliable, and great for staying warm while playing outdoors
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Athletic design, good elasticity, very durable, medium weight, heating elements made of carbon fiber, keeps your feet dry, prevents sweaty feet, slimline battery, heat concentrated in the toes

Shorter battery life than average



If you need a pair of socks to keep your feet toasty warm while running, jogging, cycling, or playing sports outdoors, give these a try. The mid-calf design will keep your lower legs, ankles, and feet warm, but the socks are of medium weight—light enough to be versatile yet thick enough to offer real warmth.

The socks are made of a blend of polyester, cotton, and wool, meaning they'll offer warmth, softness, and quick-drying breathability. The padding built into the heels and toes will provide good cushioning and enhance durability.


The socks come with a 3.7-volt heating element powered by two lithium ion batteries, fully rechargeable via both the AC charger and the mini-USB cable. Though you'll only get 2-3 hours of run time from these socks (rather than the 5+ promised by the manufacturer), they are very good at keeping your toes and forefeet toasty warm.

The heating elements are made of carbon fiber, and are actually woven into the threads of the socks. This makes the socks super slim and versatile, perfect for athletic use! The heating element is also far less likely to be damaged or destroyed thanks to its slimline battery pack and interwoven design.


Starting at $62, these are a bit pricier than our top pick but a great choice for people who want to keep their feet toasty and warm while playing outside over the winter.


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