FKANT Solar Charger

Best Solar Phone Charger

Why people love it
  • Works great with smartphones, GoPro cameras, GPS, and tablets
  • Rugged build, designed to handle shocks, and is rain-resistant
  • Charges your smartphone completely in 1 hour


Compatible with most portable devices, built-in lights indicate charging status, doubles as emergency flashlight, dual USB ports, water-resistant, shock-resistant, compact, and lightweight.

The manual button is difficult to find, and it's slow to  recharge.


Performance: If you can't unplug completely while out camping, this solar charger is just what you need. The 15000 mAh battery charger delivers anywhere from 10 to 12 hours of battery life. You'll be able to recharge your smartphone in about an hour, meaning the charger gives you A LOT of charges before it drains.

The charger is designed to "set it and forget it", and it will take all day for the solar panels to fill the battery. There's also a micro USB cord that allows you to recharge it with your car, generator, or computer.

The design is rugged and perfect for outdoorsmen—it can handle a lot of regular use without wearing out or losing its charge. It's also rain-resistant and shockproof. Definitely the solar charger you want while out in the middle of nowhere.

Features: The solar charger comes with 6 high-bright (visible in daylight) LED lights that indicate the solar charger's battery charge. The lights are bright enough to be used as a flashlight (a la smartphone flashlight), or they light up enough at night that you can use the charger without fumbling around in the dark.

The dual USB ports allow you to charge two devices at once, and you'll find the charger is compatible with a wide range of devices: from iPhones to Android phones to GPS devices to tablets to GoPro cameras.

Price: At $22, this solar charger is worth every penny. It will keep your phone juiced up when you're out camping or hiking, and serves as an excellent source of power in case of an emergency.


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