This Bongo Balance Board effectively trains balance, stability, coordination, ankle and knee strength, and core power.

  • Enhances core strength
  • Increases coordination
  • Heightens body awareness and sports performance

This baby also helps with stretching and strengthening ligaments and tendons.

What Reviewers Say:

  • If you are a runner or cyclist and have not done much in the way of improving your lower body balance, this Bongo Board will make a huge difference! I had to stop running marathons 5 years ago due to an imbalance in my hip muscles. (If I had known about this board 5 years ago, I would have saved myself many trips to physical therapy and my massage therapist!)
  • It is best if you begin using the bongo board on the carpet since it is easier to use and is slower that way.
    Once you are used to using the bongo board on the carpet and you want a challenge, try using it on a harder surface.
  • I've had the Bongo board for a few days now and am very happy so far. Very solid construction! One great feature is that the axis of the roller stays connected to the board by a stretchy cord that runs along the length of the bottom of the board. This prevents the roller from dangerously flying off across the room if you lose your balance. (I have seen other balance boards where the roller is not connected and this could be very dangerous, since it could fly off and break something inside your home.) The roller is stopped on either end of the board by two trucks so it won't roll completely out from under you. It is very difficult to do at first! Beginners definitely need some chairs or something to hang onto, or a spotter. My friend who is a long time skateboarder tried it and thought it was also pretty tricky to balance - it is a different feeling from skateboarding.

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