Fitbit One Fitness Activity Tracker & Band Bracelet

Best Clip-On Fitness Activity Tracker & Band Bracelet

Why people love it
  • Very long battery life (up to 14 days) according to FitBit reviews
  • Great for use all day long for all activity
  • Highly accurate, easy to set up, and beautiful functionality

The device is very small and easy to drop and may fall out of rubber casing if you're not careful.



The beauty of this FitBit workout tracker is in its design. Instead of being a clunky bracelet, it's a compact device that clips onto your belt. Want to wear it as a bracelet? Slip the electronic part out of the rubber clip and slide into a rubber wristband. It's versatile and easy to use no matter what you're doing.


This bad boy comes with all the features you want from a health tracker: calorie counter, pedometer, activity monitor, stair counter, sleep monitor, and even a silent vibrating alarm to wake you up. It's easy to sync to your FitBit account on PC/mobile app according to reviews, with a beautifully user-friendly set-up. It's a simple device with no frills, but it's ideal for people who just want a fitness tracker and don't care for fluff!


The standard price of $100 may sound high for such a small device, but you can usually find it on sale--such as the $75 you'll pay via Amazon. Considering how reliable, accurate, and user-friendly it is, it's worth the cost.

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