Fitbit Charge HR Fitness Activity Tracker Wrist Band

Most Versatile Fitness Activity Tracker Bracelet Band

Why people love it
  • Intuitive interface that's wonderfully easy to use
  • Wider range of features than most comparably-priced models - reviews say
  • Consistent for moderate and high-intensity exercise

Beautiful sleek design, feature-rich, highly accurate for a wristband HR monitor, and easy to use in tandem with workout apps.

Strap buckle is a bit cheap and not the best for high intensity workouts.



This FitBit is a beautifully designed tracking device. It's thicker than a Livestrong bracelet, but not as clunky as a proper fitness watch. The FitBit "face" is small and sleek, and the band looks great on your wrist. It's not going to match a suit and tie, but it's ideal to wear with anything from gym sweats to casual professional attire.


According to reviews, this is one of the most versatile of the FitBit models, largely thanks to the wide range of features it offers. It comes with all the standard options--pedometer, calorie counter, step counter, etc.--but also includes a few additional features you won't get with basic health activity tracking watches: auto sleep logging, heart rate monitor and zoning, caller ID to see who's calling you, and exercise log. You'll even love that there are EIGHT silent alarms built into this baby!

Note: Some users report that the heart rate monitor is less accurate when performing high intensity exercise or anything that involves sudden spikes in heart rate.


Compared to the top-rated model, this device is a good deal cheaper--just $130 on Amazon. You get a lot more features without the touchscreen, but the design is sleeker and less noticeable. If you're looking for a versatile and reliable tracking band, this is one of your best options.

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