Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

Best Gift for the girlfriend who loves to workout

Why people love it
  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • Great motivation to workout
  • Battery life is excellent

A fitness tracker with all of the bells and whistles. It tracks steps, heart rate, and sleep while displaying calls, texts, and calendar alerts. 

It can be hard for the Fitbit to accurately track steps at times, such as if you are out of service. 


Why she'll love it: There is a lot to love with the new Fitbit Charge 2. Like most fitness trackers, the Fitbit will track her steps, monitor her sleep, and remind her to stay active. But the best part is the silent vibrating alarm. Yes, you heard that right. You will no longer be woken up if she has to get up earlier than you. The Fitbit also syncs to smartphones via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi then stores data in the Fitbit app. And, of course, it displays call and messages to her on your wrist so she'll never miss you.

Another feature to love? The battery lasts for five days, and only takes an hour or two to charge. 

Price: The $150 price is somewhat reasonable and you can purchase a one or two-year protection plan if you like as well.

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