On the days that LeBron does cardio workouts, he is wired to a heart rate monitor to track his performance.

  • OLED Display for all notifications, alerts, and data
  • Track heart rate, distance walked, workout performance, floors climbed, steps, and active minutes
  • Monitor your sleep; wake up with a silent alarm



The FitBit Charge can track all of the metrics to ensure you're getting a proper workout.

What Reviewers Say:

  • Much more convenient than having to start and stop on the Flex. I don't always fall asleep when I logged it with the Flex so having the Charge HR start it when I actually fall asleep is great.
  • I love the ability to log each workout session. With the Flex I felt that my strength training sessions were lost because they weren't constant hand swinging movements. I can also better track how long my workout sessions were. 
  • The HR Monitor is a constant and checks your resting heart rate vs when you are active. This is great for calculating your caloric burn and if you want to see where your fat burning zone is. I think this provides a great tool to track your workouts more accurately.

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