FitBit Blaze Activity Tracker Band & Watch

Best Fitness Activity Tracker Watch Band Overall

Why people love it
  • Touch screen design allows for excellent functionality and extensive capabilities
  • Reviews report this band is durable, accurate, and versatile
  • Stylish, lightweight, and very comfortable

Highly reliable and accurate, packed with a wide array of useful features, sharp and clear display, and extremely versatile for a fitness watch.

Can be challenging to connect to Bluetooth/smartphone.



This bad boy looks like a cheaper version of the $10,000 Apple Watch, but at LITERALLY a fraction of the price. The watch face features a touch-screen that is used to control the health activity tracking device and all its features. The charging process is a bit of a hassle, but overall the watch looks and feels great on your wrist. The hexagonal design of the face makes it stand out from other watches, and reviews say you'll love the fact that you can change up the FitBit wristband.


This FitBit is a feature-rich device that allows you to track steps walked/run, distance traveled, calories burned, floors climbed, minutes spent in activity, heart rate, exercise intensity, and more. The device is compatible with running, cycling, cardio workouts, resistance training, cross-training, and other workouts, with multi-workout recording to give you total control over your activity data. All the data is recorded to your FitBit SmartTrack workout, letting you monitor your performance. The FitBit sleep monitor helps you to improve your sleep habits. Though it can be tricky to pair the watch to your smartphone, once you do, reviews say it's a cinch to use!


It may not be as high-tech as Apple Watch, but reviews say the FitBit is far less clunky and much more affordable--just under $200. Considering the wide range of features it offers, the FitBit Blaze is worth every penny for someone who wants a tracking device built into a fitness watch. Read the FitBit reviews, and you'll see most user reviews agree.

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