Fitbit Alta with Heart Rate Monitor

Best Christmas Gift for the Health Conscious Wife

Why people love it
  • Amazing for tracking fitness goals
  • An incredible gift
  • Attractive with useful calling and messaging notifications

This Fitbit offers new levels of tracking, including sleep and heart rate monitors. The wristbands are slim, attractive, and interchangeable

Some users have reported inaccuracies with the tracking features – and it doesn’t register stairs. Additionally, there’s no button to tell Fitbit that you’re about to work out.


Features: Wearable fitness trackers are becoming ever more intelligent and intuitive, and this Alta model from Fitbit is no exception. It has a range of new or updated features, including the ability to monitor sleep and provide you with a continual look at your heart rate.

Users tend to enjoy the easy-to-use interface as well as the speed of charging and battery duration. But, almost everyone mentions how good looking this model is – it has a lovely, slim profile and the wristbands are easily interchanged so your tracker can match your outfit. (Plenty of wristband options are available on Amazon at good prices.)

The ability to see who’s calling or who has just messaged you is a feature that most users treasure on this particular model. And, the app is fairly intuitive – though there are a few things this particular model doesn’t do well: detect stairs and register that you’re actually working out (so you can track time or intensity on that).

Overall, however, this is one beloved fitness tracker and makes an amazing gift.  

Price: Depending on the color and size, you’ll pay between $150 and $180 for a Fitbit Alta. There are 6 colors and 3 sizes available with the Alta itself. However, you can find individual replacement bands for $10-25 (depending on how fancy you go) and multi-packs available in the $20-25 price range.

All in, this is a good deal. There are cheaper trackers out there, but they don’t have the brand behind them – nor the accuracy of the developments found in this Fitbit.

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