Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Best Christmas Gift for the Wife that Loves Working Out

Why people love it
  • Sleek, lightweight, stylish design
  • Users fall in love
  • Great motivation to get moving

It’s a little difficult to clasp on your own. But, honestly, most people love it. 


Features: If you’ve managed to miss the move towards fitness tracking, we’re not sure where you’ve been. These accessories track your steps, monitor your sleep, remind you to remain active, and it all quickly becomes addictive.

This is the hottest fitness tracker on the market at the moment. The battery lasts for five days, and only takes an hour or two to charge (which unlike your other gadgets, you may not want to do while you sleep).

It syncs to phones and mobile devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and can dump data into computers through the Internet or USB. And, of course, it displays call and messages to you on your wrist when connected to your Smart phone.

But, if your wife is already wearing one of these, why not toss a slick water bottle into her stocking or make her super stylish at the gym with this tote bag? C’mon, you know she’ll love all three.

Price: All in, the price is rather reasonable and you can purchase a one or two-year protection plan if you like as well.

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