Why people love it
  • Great for play or naptime
  • Soothing swing for colicky babies
  • Well made

Some customers have complained about instability and noise issues with their swings. So be sure to test yours out immediately after purchase and monitor at all times for potential malfunctioning.


Safety: Five-point harness as well as two different reclining options.

Portability: Not much has been said about the portability of this one, so it’s safe to assume this is midweight/size.

Comfort: Since people use this baby swing for both play and sleep, and it’s known for soothing irritable infants, this must be a super comfortable seat.

Power Source: AC adaptor or batteries.

Features: With this product your baby can either swing or rock and it includes the following features: 6 speeds, 3 seating options, 2 recline positions, and 16 songs or sounds; machine washable; motorized mobile for entertainment; and easy assembly.

Price: This is definitely an expensive swing, so keep your eye out for sales.

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