Why people love it
  • Incline is perfect for congested or ill infants
  • Puts babies to sleep right away
  • Raised sides provide extra compression and comfort

Despite the low price tag, this baby swing offers a whole lot of comfort for infants—especially if they need extra support for breathing. Many of the parents who have reviewed this also rave about its ability to put children to sleep—and keep them asleep—instantly.

The biggest drawback to this baby swing is the hard headrest. Be sure to add your own padding if you use this regularly.


Safety: Stable support keeps infants propped up for unobstructed breathing. Also comes with a three-point safety harness.

Portability: This baby swing is light, compact, and portable.

Comfort: If you want extra support for your child—around the back and around his or her sides—this is a great baby swing. Just be careful of the headrest.

Power Source: Battery-powered.

Features: Features include: gentle vibrations and rocking for extra soothing; deep seating with extra support; breathable fabric; and dangling toy.

Price: Unless you find one of the other swings at a discounted price, this is as cheap as they come.

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