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Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat
  • Very easy to clean
  • Awesome setup and ease of use
  • Incredibly safe and secure
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The adjustable tray is a bonus for growing babies and busy parents. The seat itself features two safety straps and there's an additional shoulder strap for convenience on the go.

The chair itself is a lot of what you want at a great price, but it is a little bulky to carry around regularly. 


Quality: You know you're in for quality when you're dealing with a company like Fisher-Price; it's just that sort of a brand. We grew up with the logo and trust it almost implicitly, and so should you.

This portable high chair is a booster seat, but it's meant for taking with you to restaurants or the homes of family and friends. It's about as durable as you're going to get from anything made of plastic. And, the practical design makes it easy to incorporate into your life. 

Safety: The chair features two straps to secure it to just about any chair. The safety belt clicks closed on both the right and left-hand sides as it connects to the strap in the front. The tray is adjustable as well, so you can avoid your baby reaching too far forward. 

Ease of cleaning: You can't remove the safety straps for cleaning separately, but being made of plastic, the entire body wipes down quickly and easily. The removable tray can go in the dishwasher and is a comfortable size to do so. Most parents rave about the ease of cleaning (though we're not necessarily crazy about the manufacturer's statement that it's easy for moms to clean without any mention of dad). 

Features: The removable tray locks into a storage position that makes this travel high chair easier to transport than it may initially appear. However, it is on the bulky side when packed. However, the inclusion of a shoulder strap certainly makes it easier to transport than some of the other travel high chairs on this list. It also weighs just over 4 pounds and is a serious bonus for any parent or care taker laden with the accessories that follow babies everywhere. 

And then there's the price...

Price: C'mon, the price will make you look twice. It's less than $25 which makes it a real score for budget conscious families. While travel high chairs are certainly less expensive than those with a permanent place at the table, this is an especially terrific deal. 


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