Fire Kids Edition Tablet

Best Christmas Gift for the Boy that Needs His Own Tablet

Why people love it
  • Great product
  • Perfect for kids
  • Good value for money

With this tablet, children have access to a lot of free, kid-friendly content with Amazon FreeTime for one year. And parents have further controls to manage usage.

Battery life isn’t great, but then again, your kid shouldn’t spend all their time on a tablet.


We love this tablet for a lot of reasons. It’s got a 7” display, 16 GB of storage, and connects via Wi-Fi. But, it’s really the kid-proof case and the no questions asked two-year guarantee that puts this product at #2 on our list. Additionally, it comes in a variety of color options. Really, it’s just a Fire tablet with parental controls already set, but it comes with a year of FreeTime at no charge. C’mon, you know everyone loves that.

When you order, don’t forget the screen protector, headphones, and an extra memory card. Although you have that guarantee in place, responsible gadget care should be taught as early as possible.  

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