Why people love it
  • Fantastic price for a pack of 5
  • Small and doesn’t overcrowd your keychain
  • Bright, narrow beam
  • Locking mechanism that makes it easy to leave the light on without having to press the button the whole time.
  • Some people have accidentally left locking mechanism on and burnt out the flashlight quickly without knowing it.

Purpose: While these can’t be used for any tactical or policing purposes, they’re perfect for when you need to guide your way down a path or to a keyhole. A lot of people who have bought these have also done so for the purpose of giving them as a gift. 

Performance: Customers can’t help but get excited over these flashlights. Some have used them to light up an entire room in the case of a blackout while others use this flashlight for creating a brightly lit pathway at night. The LED lights have a 100,000 hour lifespan, and you'll find the flashlights' housing is surprisingly resistant to damage, wear, dust, and water. They're small, light, and wonderfully handy to own.

Price: It can’t be beat! You get five miniature keychain lights at an amazing price, ensuring you've always got a way to light your path no matter where you are.

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