Final Draft 10

Best Gift for Screenwriters

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Why people love it
  • Improves productivity
  • Easy to use
  • Industry standard, used by people like James Cameron and Aaron Sorkin

It doesn’t matter if the screenwriter in your life is a student, writing his movie script in his spare time, or a fully-fledged screenwriter. He’ll fall in love with this versatile, productivity-enhancing script writing tool.

There are some users who have had issues with the learning curve on this software, especially if they’re familiar with previous versions of Final Draft.


Longevity: Upgrades are released periodically on this, but that doesn’t mean that giving this as a gift will be a purchase wasted. Many customers report still using older versions of Final Draft, so the screenwriter recipient of this should be able to use this for a while.

Meaningfulness: Movie fans aren’t just the ones sitting in front of the screen, relishing the films made by others. Some of them have dreams to become a screenwriter themselves—and this gift is a great way to show them you support that.

Price: So long as you purchase this straight from Final Draft (and not from a site like Amazon), you’ll be able to get this for a fairly affordable price.

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