Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Bed Restraint Kit

Most Adventurous Sex Toy for Couples

Why people love it
  • Secure and comfortable cuffs
  • Perfect for spicing things up with your partner
  • Great value

Two gripes: the blindfold is not very comfortable, so you may want to buy that piece elsewhere. Some people have also had issues with the straps not being short or long enough, so check the specs before buying.


Solo or Duo: Duo play!

Stimulation: This is all about blocking out one of the senses, relinquishing control, and waiting to see what sorts of stimulation your partner has in store for you. It may be naughty or nice.

Strength: Depends on what you like.

Special Features: This is basically just a set of restraints and blindfold. The special features are up to you.

Price: Many customers deem the price on this one a “great value”.

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