Best Cologne for the Younger Crowd

Fierce Cologne by Abercrombie & Fitch
  • A young man's cologne
  • Smells clean and citrusy
  • Chicks dig it, particularly under 30

A  youghtful, vibrant, and clean scent.

Ideal for teens and 20-somethings.


This tempting fragrance launched in 2007 as a complementary product to the rest of the Abercrombie & Fitch line. Fierce is a woody aromatic fragrance with a clean citrus scent. You've truly got to smell it to believe it. This price reflects the 1.7 fluid ounce bottle, though you can buy larger sizes.  And you may just want to do that.  

What Reviewers Say:

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  • Smells good, chicks dig it.
  • I have been using Abercrombie Fierce for years now. I too, smelled it first in the mall, and have been using it since. I trade off on occasion with Carolina Herrera 312 and Calvin Klein, as these are also very pleasant and long lasting. I get more compliments for the Abercrombie, as it lasts throughout my day.
  • Came sealed in original packaging, 100% genuine cologne and everyone loves this scent! I recommend it to every dude! Chicks really dig it.

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