Fidgeteer Red Street Fidget Spinner

Best Fidget Spinner for Young Kids

Why people love it
  • Spins quickly
  • Entertains kids
  • Eyecatching red color

Some users report that this spinner cracks easily. However, they’re relieved that customer service replaced their faulty spinners with no drama.


Design: The Fidgeteer is slightly larger than some of the other fidget spinners on our list, so it may pose less of a choking hazard for young kids. You still need to watch out for the bearings, though.  

Numerous parents rave that their kids love the bold red hue of this collectible toy, stating that it looks beautiful in motion. An innovative concave center makes it easy for kids to spin with one finger rather than two. 

Materials: There are several reasons why we think this is the best fidget spinner for young kids, but we especially love its materials. The frame is made from resilient ABS plastic that’s PFOA free and BPA free, so your kiddo doesn’t absorb a bunch of toxins if they nibble on the edges. Not that we’re saying kids should eat this toy, of course - they shouldn’t. We just understand that even the world’s best parents can’t keep an eye on their children 24/7.  

Performance: Reviews are mixed regarding the performance of this fidget spinner, but most of the negative feedback comes from parents of preteens and teens. Parents of younger kids are generally happy with the quality of this Fidgeteer spinner. 

Amazon’s product description claims the fidget spinner generally rotates for at least 2 minutes, but multiple fidget owners confirm that it actually spins for 5 or so minutes. Either way, that’s enough time for you to sneak away to the bathroom without worrying your kid will destroy the house out of boredom. Hopefully.  

Price: This Fidgeteer spinner costs around $14, which is about the same price you’d pay for a FlipAZoo or a Pokemon figurine.

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