Why people love it
  • Incredibly lightweight and slim 
  • Minimalist, modern design 
  • Easy access to cards 

This minimalist wallet for men hits all three “musts”: it looks good, it feels good (i.e. like nothing at all), and it does its job really well. Add to that its edgy carbon fiber construction and interchangeable money clip bands, and you’ve got a high-quality wallet for a fantastic price.

Some customers have been turned off by the overly simplified construction of this wallet, though we don’t see that as a con. It’s called a “minimalist” wallet for a reason.


Size: “Minimalist” and “slim”—two words used to describe this wallet, and they’re spot-on. If you want something small and super lightweight to carry in your front pocket, this is perfect. It might not help you carry a full-sized wallet full of cards, but you can get up to six in here (which is a bit more than some of the other super slim wallet alternatives). 

Security: Although the FIDELO wallet is constructed with three simple pieces—two carbon fiber covers and an elastic money band—it’s incredibly secure in holding your cards and cash in place. Simply squeeze and push when you want access. 

Price: While this might seem like a lot for such a simplified wallet construction, it’s totally worth it for the durability, security, and minimalist styling.

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