Fictional Hotel Notepads

Best Stationery Gift for the Movie Lover

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Why people love it
  • Because everyone needs a place to jot down a quick note
  • A different fictional movie hotel is offered on each of the 8 pads
  • Great for movie buffs of all genres

Got a friend obsessed with The Shining? How about Dirty Dancing? Or maybe The Graduate? If there was a famous movie hotel, you can probably find it immortalized on these notepads—and this gift purchase includes 8 notepads containing 50 pages apiece.

Some of the hotels are really obscure, so the gift recipient may not be as excited about each of the notepads.


Longevity: These’ll last as long as they don’t get written on…

Meaningfulness: Who hasn’t wished they could visit the Overlook Hotel (or at least see it with their own eyes)? Movie lovers can show off these notepads they “swiped” from these hotels and impress fellow movie buffs.

Price: Considering you get 8 different notepads and they’re beautifully styled, this is a fantastic deal.

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