Fellowes Powershred 79Ci

Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

Why people love it
  • Multi-page, heavy duty paper shredder with excellent continuous run time
  • Can handle any job without paper jams
  • Excellent safety features; over-sized bin for maximum storage

Shreds 16 pages at a time, Security level P-4 cross-cut, 20-minute continuous run time, designed to be jam-proof, auto shut-off to reduce risk of injury, huge storage bin, and strong enough to shred staples and paper clips.

Large, heavy, and high-priced.


Performance: If you want a solid, durable machine, look no farther than this heavy duty paper shredder by Fellowes. Not only will it slice through paper (turning it into micro-cut confetti with ease), but it can shred CDs, DVDs, staples, and paper clips. It's designed to handle up to 16 pages at a time.

The system is designed to be jam-proof, and it has the shredder strength to power through even tough jobs. Yet it's beautifully quiet compared to other shredders and can run for up to 20 minutes without overheating. It's a little heavier than other shredders, but the wheels make it easy to move it around. You won't find a better-performance paper shredder for your home office.

Features: The safety features included in this shredder are a major plus. The SafeSense Technology integrated into the shredder will shut it off if your fingers pass the feeder sensors, reducing the risk of injuries.

The 6-gallon bin will handle a surprising amount of paper before it needs to be emptied, and the LED light will let you know when it's time to empty the bin. The cool-down period isn't as long as other shredders (which have up to 60 minutes of rest time before they can shred again), so you can keep shredding after just 30 minutes.

Price: The price tag of $180 makes it the priciest shredder on the list, but the quality, performance, and features make it worth the cost. Definitely a great option if you're looking for a heavy duty shredder!

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