Best for Frizz Control

Fellow Barber Styling Cream (3.5 oz)
  • Great for active men as it keeps frizzy hair at bay
  • A decent hold without too much shine
  • Only small amounts needed for brilliant texture

If you need a light hold for your medium to long hair, this super product from Fellow Barber is exactly the right one for you.

Go for something a bit stronger if you're looking for a strong hold that lasts all day.


This product is for men that want a carefree style without all the flyaways that come with an active lifestyle.  This styling cream offers very little hold and very little shine, but it will help to keep your hair manageable and lightly styled throughout the day.  Not only that, this brand is one that really does worry about developing the best grooming products for men.  You know you're in good hands here.

This styling cream offers the lightest hold of all the products on this list. It’s less of a styling cream than a means of controlling frizz. And, if that’s the natural state of your hair, you’re going to love this styling aid. No wonder it's a GQ favorite. Sadly, this cream isn’t going to do much more than that; you really can’t achieve an elaborate style with this alone.

Application: You can take your pick on when you apply this, but your best bet is after towel-drying your hair. Fortunately, it also washes out easily.

Who It’s For: Anyone that needs help keeping the frizzies under control. It’s for men with an active lifestyle that need control more than style assistance.

Why We Love It: This isn’t the cream for every man, but it’s likely to be the best styling cream for any man with flyaways or that wants the lightest possible hold.

What Reviewers Say:

  • Does it's job. Neutral smell; small amount is all you need.
  • This stuff is amazing! I have never been able to control my hair (I am a guy) and I have been letting it grow out. I always had problems with it frizzing out. I have tried gels and they dont see to hold as hell and keep the frizz down like this stuff. I really highly recommed this product!
  • The hold is firm but not brittle, adds plenty of weight without flattening my hair, and it lasts all day through most of the above conditions gels haven't. I apply this after towel drying my hair and it sets quickly without a lot of shine. Once set the hair keeps it's basic form and is easy to manage.

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