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Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder
  • Works very well
  • Awesome and reliable option
  • Holds a lot of food
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Your inquisitive cats can’t get into this tamper-proof cat feeder and the food dispensed is remarkably accurate. You can dish out tiny amounts of food if you want – and the hopper holds a lot of food.

Wow is this is a noisy unit and you probably don’t want inquisitive dogs using it.


There are two situations that make this a perfect cat feeder. If your cats are on a diet, you are going to love the fact that you can offer them small portion sizes. And, if you need to head out of town for awhile, you can fill this with food and be alright. (However, you will want someone to clean the litter boxes unless your cats use the great outdoors.) This feeder is stunningly accurate, though it is on the noisy side. (You’ll get used to it.)

For Fido or Fluffy? It’s designed for cats. You could possibly use it for dogs, but it’s not as if you don’t have options.

Kibble or tartar? Dry food only and you’re looking at a kibble size around 5/8” max. You don’t want the pieces to be too small either.

Capacity? You can fit a whopping 6.5 pounds of food into the hopper. That’s a lot of cat food.

And that’s how many meals? You can set between 1 and 3 meals a day, and the minimum meal size is a scant 2 teaspoons of food up to cup sizes. It’s great if your furry friends are on a bit of a diet.

What sort of power is needed? You need 4 C batteries to operate this automatic cat feeder. The manufacturer claims that you’ll get between 6 to 9 months of use out of a single set. Though, users believe it much closer to a year. And unfortunately, there’s no way to hook into electricity.

Is the cleaning easy? Most of the parts are dishwasher safe and the rest is easy peasy.

Will it break the bank? You should expect to pay less than $70 for this feeder. That’s a relatively good deal, though there aren’t too many features to speak of.


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