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Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder
  • Gives you control of treats, food, and medication while away
  • Keeps both wet and dry food fresh for 24-48 hours
  • Easy to operate from your smartphone
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Has compartments for six different treats or medication, food stays sealed and fresh for 48 hours, allows you to send a message to your pet, easily controlled via smartphone or home PC, setup is easy, reliable connection, solid construction

No mobile app, iffy speaker and camera quality



If you have a dog who needs regular medication and feeding, this is the perfect cross between a medication dispenser, treat launcher, and food bowl. The 6 compartments hold a variety of pills, treats, Kibble, and even wet dog food. When the time comes for your pet to eat, you can dispense it via the web-based operating system. There is no app, so you have to do everything via a web page.  

The camera built into the feeder is iffy at best, and the speaker quality leaves a lot to be desired. This is not the pet camera for those who want high resolution images of their pet doing adorable things. Instead, it's the camera ideal for anyone who wants to make sure their pet is eating and taking their medication.


The pet camera does NOT offer two-way audio—instead, it allows you to play a pre-recorded message to calm your anxious pet down. The camera and speaker features are basic, but you will find the setup of the camera (including connecting to WiFi) and the user interface are both very simple.

The various food compartments are sealed for maximum freshness. The construction is solid overall, making it ideal even for larger dogs. Sadly, there is no night vision, and the web-based app won't let you know when the feeder is empty.


At $180, this is a fairly pricey pet camera, especially given its low audio and camera quality. However, it's ideal for owners of pets that need to take medications or eat throughout the day.


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