Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

Best Fixed Blade Straight Razor

Why people love it
  • Fits perfectly in your hand
  • Excellent precision and control
  • No need to sharpen or strop

The Feather SS is a lot more user-friendly than foldable straight razors. And you can choose different blades and even guards until you get the hang of it.

You will have to buy the blades separately, they aren’t included with the handle. Traveling with the Feather SS is a challenge too because the blade doesn't fold away.


Blade Design: You have a few different options for the Feather SS, but the Feather Artist Club Professional Blades are hands down the best pick. They are comparable to a 4/8 or 5/8 wide blade and are scary sharp! Most users report each blade lasts anywhere from 5-8 shaves and come in a 20 pack. So even though they are disposable, you will still save a lot of money compared to modern razors for barbershop - while still getting quality shaves every time.

Handle Design: This is where the Feather SS really stands out. The rest of the straight razors have a blade that folds into the handle, not so with the Feather SS. The black resin handle is ergonomically designed to fit your hand and give you more control as you guide the blade over your skin. You won’t have to worry about the scales slipping in your grip and fileting your jawline.

Price: Long term this isn’t this most economical choice on our list, but all the men we talked to agree across the board that having the best shave of your life is worth the extra cost.

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