Fat Cat Texas Hold 'em Poker Chip Set

Best Christmas Gift for Poker Players

Why people love it
  • Great for home poker games/man caves
  • Good chip weight and texture
  • Quality chips considering the reasonable price

Carrying case design and quality control is iffy.


Details: For a guy who loves to play Texas Hold 'Em poker, this is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. The case comes with 500 11.5-gram poker chips: 50 white, 100 blue, 150 red, 50 green, and 50 black chips. It includes the buttons for the dealer, big blind, and little blind, as well as two full decks of cards. It's perfect for Poker Night with the guys.

The chips come in an aluminum case, but many users report the quality and durability of the case is "iffy". However, the chips are a good, solid weight and the decks can handle regular use. All in all, a great choice.

Price: This poker set will run just over $40—a pretty fair price for two decks of cards, 500 quality chips, and everything you need to get a game of Texas Hold 'Em going.

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