Why people love it
  • Removes all traces of makeup -even waterproof
  • Your skin is left feeling clean and moisturized
  • Doesn't irritate your eyes

A nourishing, cleansing balm that gently melts away makeup and impurities caused by pollution, leaving skin hydrated and silky smooth. This product is an Allure Best of Beauty award winner.

This balm can be a bit oily, so some like to wash their face with a different cleanser after using this product. 


Who's it for? The Farmacy Green Clean face wash is for health-concious women with all skin types, including dry and delicate complexions. But, it's especially good for women with sensitive skin.

Farmacy products are made for those with sensitive skin, which is why it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, or added fragrance.

Texture and fragrance: This product looks more like a hard green wax rather than a face wash. But, trust us, it's actually extremely soft, creamy, and silky. 

And, it comes with a little spatula to make applying it easier. 

The Green Clean face wash is fragrance-free. However, the lime and orange essential oils give it a slight lime sherbert smell that we're sure you'll love. 

Ingredients: This face wash is made up of naturally derived ingredients. The main ingredients, sunflower oil and ginger root, thoroughly cleanse and dissolve even the boldest makeup products (including waterproof). The Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Wash literally melts waterproof eye makeup off without any irritation.

Also in the ingredient list, is the extract of the Moringa tree, a native tree to India and Africa. This unique ingredient helps to purify and refresh your skin by removing impurities caused by pollution.

Other ingredients include papaya extract and an aromatic blend of lime, bergamot and orange essential oils. You won't find any parabens, dyes, sulfates, or fragrances in this face wash. And, it's not tested on animals.

Price: The $34 price reflects the 3.2 ounces of face wash. What could possibly make this product worth the price?

The long list of natural ingredients that improve skin appearance are well worth the investment. Plus, it only takes a little bit to cover your face. A tiny amount will remove all of your makeup. 

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