Fabulous Frannie Essential Oils Gift Set

Best Gift for a Mom Passionate About Holistic Living

Why people love it
  • High-quality oils
  • Long-lasting scents
  • Variety pack lets mom experience different aromas

Great starter kit for moms who want to try popular, familiar scents. Versatile kit is suitable for massage therapy, diffusing, or inhalation.

Several reviewers claim the oils leaked during delivery, although the company is helpful when an issue arises.


Why she needs it: Essential oils are a miracle product in the holistic world, and some folks swear they alleviate everything from migraines to emotional distress. If mom doesn’t believe in using them to heal her body, she can infuse her home with the delightful aroma of fresh rosemary or sweet orange. If you suspect that’s her plan, you might want to buy her a diffuser for the scents.

Lavender oil is great for homemade laundry sheets and cleaning products. We've also heard it helps cranky kiddos fall asleep so mom can get some much-needed rest herself.

Price: We’ve seen this set of therapeutic-grade oils as low as $15, but they’re usually around $40. Both prices are reasonable for the fragrant, top-notch oils when you consider that essential oils often sell for $10 to $20 per bottle.

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