Why people love it
  • Best overall cream for everything: moisture, anti-aging, pore diminishing, etc.
  • Skin quickly absorbs cream and makes skin feel cool and soft instantly
  • Smells fantastic – like fresh peaches

Having tested this night cream by Exuviance for a while, we have absolutely no problem saying that this is indeed the best night cream overall. It works quickly, it smells supremely delicious, and it does everything it promises to improve your skin’s texture and tone.

It’s definitely an expensive night cream. Also, because it comes in a pump, you may not be able to use up every last drop the way you would with a jar.


Benefits: Want to look more refreshed? Looking to soften overworked skin? Want to smooth out lines? Interested in reducing the size of pores? Look no further, Exuviance Evening Restorative Complex does a great job of giving you clear and beautiful skin.

Skin Type: One of our testers has very sensitive skin and typically has to be careful about using creams with scents or that promise to diminish lines (especially if they contain retinol), but this one worked really well for her. Dry skin, normal skin, combination skin—this will work for everyone.

Price: It’s expensive. But you get results.

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