Why people love it
  • A comfortable, well-built inversion table at a great price
  • Solid, durable, reliable
  • Wonderfully padded; easy to lie on for extended periods of time

Sturdy, well-built, durable, adjustable height, soft padded backrest, 300-pound weight capacity, adjustable tether strap, comfortable ankle holders, extra-long safety handles, scratch-resistance steel frame.

Doesn’t lock in place and some models arrive defective.


This is one of the best-priced inversion tables around, as well as one of the most comfortable. Thanks to its thick foam-padded back, you can rest comfortably while you hang inverted. The fact that the height is adjustable means you can find the ideal length of the table no matter how tall or short you are.

The extra-long handles will help you get out of the inversion position easily, so you don’t have to struggle to get up. Assembly is a breeze, provided you follow the instructions. You should have no problem putting the table together and testing it out within half an hour, and you’ll find it adjusts enough that you will have no problem finding your perfect position.

The table does invert fully, but sadly there is no way to lock it into position. It’s easily adjusted, but you may struggle to keep it in the right position.

The table has a 0.75-inch thick layer of foam padding to keep your back, butt, and legs comfortable as you lie down. The vinyl covering makes it resistant to sweat, moisture, mold, and mildew, and the foam is beautifully soft—it’ll feel like you’re sleeping in your own bed!

Durability: Made with a heavy duty 1.5-inch steel frame, this inversion table is lighter than you’d expect, but doesn’t sacrifice durability. The powder coating makes it scratch resistant as well as rust-resistant. It’s fully foldable, so you can store in a closet or against the wall without taking up all the space in your living room or gym.

Safety: The extra-long handle bars make it easy for you to pull yourself out of the inversion position and back up to your feet. Though there’s no way to lock out the table, the adjustable tether strap makes it easy for you to adapt the angle of the inversion according to your needs. 

Ankle comfort and support: The ankle supports come with built-in padding, as well as foam rollers to give your calves and shins a massage as you lie down. Users with larger ankles may have a hard time fitting them into the space, but thankfully the adjustable locking system allows you to adapt it according to the size of your feet and ankles.

Height and weight limits: The height range on this table is between 4’10” and 6’6”, and it has a weight limit of 300 pounds. Some shorter users complain that the headrest is uncomfortable unless adjusted precisely.

Dimensions: Assembled dimensions are 50” L x 25.5” W x 56” H, and it weighs in at 55 pounds.

Price: For those looking for a budget buy, this is a great choice. It’s just over $100, is sturdy enough for the average user, and is highly comfortable. It takes a bit of extra effort to get the angle just right, but it’s worth it for a low price tag.

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