Excelvan Wooden Folding USB Rechargeable Book Light

Best Valentine's Gift for Book Lovers

Why people love it
  • Great for reading after dark; read anywhere!
  • Beautiful design and simple functionality
  • Highly portable, easily charged via USB port

Beautiful reading light, elegant design, easy operation, versatile, durable, very bright, and affordable.

No carrying case and the white light can be harsh on the eyes.


Details: For the purist who HATES reading on Kindle/tablets and must have a real book in his hands, this is the reading lamp that will make his heart sing. Not only does it look like a proper book (pages, covers, and all), but it will give him plenty of light to read by.

The light folds out for 180 degrees of illumination, and you'll find the white light is very bright—perhaps a bit too bright for some people. The maple case is sleek and beautiful, and the lamp is surprisingly lightweight. The magnetic stand makes setup a breeze. For those who want to read into the night, this delivers 8 hours of reading time (after a 5-hour charge).

Price: At $47, this is pricier than most bedside lamps. However, it's also more beautiful and practical, and will be the perfect bedside companion for your book-loving beau.

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