Start your shower and get on with your morning routine. When the water's hot enough this gadget will stop it until you're ready to get in.

  • Compatible with almost all showerheads
  • Save up $75 a year
  • Anti-lime protection, integrated debris screen filter

This has to be one of the coolest gadgets we've ever stumbled upon. Rather than saving water while you're in the shower, this baby saves the water you waste before you get in the shower. All you need to do is turn on the water, when it's warm enough, this adaptor stops the water flow until you're ready to get in. Actually, it slows to a trickle, and it's that sound that will alert you. Brilliant right?

What Reviewers Say:

People love this gadget and many believe it to be one of the best water saving gadgets you can get today. Here's what they think:

  • Simply put, it works. It also seems a little magical. How can a little mechanical device stop the water flow when the water gets hot enough? No idea, but it does it.
  • I purchased this EVOLVE shower valve to see if I could save on my water bill as I was used to starting my shower and forgetting it was running . I would get in after about 10-15 minutes and realized by that time I had been running water down the drain as well as HOT WATER DOWN THE DRAIN. In the 7 months I have used this I have seen the lowest water bills and lowest electric bills I have had since moving here 10 yrs ago.
  • Awesome product that should be mandatory in California!
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