Best for Sensitive Skin

Evolution Man Resurfacing Clay Mask (2 Ounces)
  • Helps to shrink those big, black scary pores
  • Noticeable skin improvement
  • Good for sensitive skins

Has a lot of the good stuff in it and none of the things you don’t want. Made for men. Works for current skin issues and protects against premature aging.

The price tag is high.


The elasticity of your skin is one of the biggest giveaways of your age. Worse, a lack of flexibility in your skin will age you prematurely (that’s what all those wrinkles are). Get yourself a mask and start using it long before you discover any wrinkles - and start now if you already have those smile lines. This one from Evolution Man adds that tautness to your skin - and has a few additional benefits too. We’re not saying that wrinkles can’t be a distinguishing feature. They can. But, do you really want them before it’s entirely necessary? Do yourself a favor and make it easy for your face to hold its shape.

The combination of the Glycolic and Salicylic acids allows this mask to penetrate through three layers of skin. As it’s carrying serious anti-aging vitamins along for the ride, you’ll find that your skin is significantly softer and “new” skin is more adept at holding onto moisture as it emerges. As that’s the key to avoiding the appearance of age, this mask deserves a place in your grooming routine. By deeply cleansing, this mask allows your skin to focus on the art of holding onto water rather than fighting impurities.

Who’s It For? This mask is made for men.

Application – Apply to your face after washing it. Allow it to sit evenly on your skin for a few minutes then wash off with water using a soft cloth or your hands. Just a hint from the ladies; you might find yourself addicted to using a face mask. But, never use it more than recommended, or you won’t get the benefits you want.

Headlining Ingredients – Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, plus Vitamins E, C, B3 and B5

Texture and Fragrance – This is thick like clay and smells a bit like it too… well, healthier.

Price – $48 for 2 ounces ($24 per ounce). Yikes!

What Reviewers Say – Want to know what other guys think?

  • “I've been using this face mask for several months now and I have seen a big improvement in the health of my skin. I use it about once every two weeks and as a result I've seen that my pores have gotten smaller and my skin has a healty glow. One tip I would give would be to use a damp soft cloth to remove it rather than trying to take it off with your hands and water.”
  • “Easy to use clay mask that definitely works. Simple to apply, washes off easy, and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. Great product.”
  • “Great Mask for men! Don't need much and the charcoal works very well!”

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